How not to boil eggs

Poor Fred. During our last visit, a quick perusal of the fridge reveal the following:

Piminento cheese salad (store bought)
Chicken salad (store bought)
White bread
Corned beef
Hot dogs and bratwurst
Unrecognizable vegetables in various states of decay

You will note that few of these items need any type of preparation involving a stove, with flames and heat and that sort of thing. Now I know why.

Yesterday Fred attempted to prepare a meal of boiled eggs. He put salted water in the pan, waited until it came to a boil, then added the eggs. He then went to surf the internet.

Some time later, a loud “ping” alerted him to the fact that all the water had disappeared from the pan and his eggs lay nestled in the blackened remains of one of their fellows, which had apparently exploded from the intense heat. I was not able to get a straight answer on whether or not the eggs were actually edible, but I imagine not.

Apparently he also melted a package of white bread to the top of the stove while broiling brats. I’ll have to assess the damage on my next visit. Let’s just hope the house is still standing.

I love that man.

3 thoughts on “How not to boil eggs

  1. Not just anyone can cook like I can. I learned a lot about myself in this episode. I’m really looking forward to my next attempt at cooking. I love you very much.Your “hard boiled” husband

  2. Fred, I can tell you from sad experience that the melted plastic red and blue circles from the WonderBread package are almost impossible to scrape off a stove.

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