No Food Today

Writing about the “fed” part of The Newlyfeds has been great fun, but I think that now, with my beloved Fred so far away, it’s time to write about the “newly,” as in wed.

It’s been hard for me to cook without Fred there to savor my latest experiment. My wonderful friend Donna, who is kindly providing shelter for me as I start work at Duke and the search for our new house here in Durham, would probably be a willing victim, but my heart just has not been in the kitchen these last few weeks.

Fred and I live in a strange liminal space right now–he’s in Atlanta, getting ready to be ordained, working at the hospital, and I’m here, starting a whole new life. We last saw each other Monday. It seems like it was last winter.

I really miss him.

One thought on “No Food Today

  1. I miss you too. I miss eating the onions as you chop them up. I miss suggesting the use of dill. I miss seeing your beautiful, brilliant smile. Like oversize baggage “we are checked but carry on.” (I’m glad that you loved that) I’m grateful for your love every day. I love you. You are the best, most intelligent and witty and beautiful wife in the world.your “corn beef and onion sandwich eating” husband

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