We’re back! Back in Atlanta, stuck in traffic, sweltering in the heat, wondering if our trash will ever get picked up, marveling at the number of mattresses that make their way onto the interstate. It’s wonderful to be home.

I tried to like Durham and North Carolina. I should have liked it a lot more since I went to college there and had a good experience. But my heart is in this messy, inefficient, traffic-filled, smog-coated, crowded city in the part of the world I love best, where I can drink wine outside with old friends on a warm evening, and find a Korean taqueria tucked into an industrial park and it not be the only Korean restaurant in town, and see the skyline while jogging around Grant Park (our new neighborhood), and sit on the deck at Six Feet Under and look over the cemetery, and have dozens of interesting neighborhoods to explore, and not be subject to the fashion whims of bald, graying professors laboring under the delusion that the ponytail they grew in 1972 still looks cool.

I’ll be posting on a regular basis again sometime in the coming weeks, once I get a bit more settled into my new job. Glad to be back!

3 thoughts on “Back

  1. Dear “Back”…I think we'll call you “Gone”.

    I enjoyed your blog before, but your need to be snarky about Durham has completely turned me off…Pretty mean spirited…

  2. I'm sorry you felt that way, Anonymous. You are right — the balding ponytail remark was a bit harsh. It is a pet peeve of mine and referred to a post from when I first moved to Durham.

    A gentle note reminding me that I need to be kind would have sufficed and would have induced me to change the post. There is indeed too much mean-spiritedness on the web as it is.

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