Weighing In

We lost a collective 8.2 pounds in our first week.

Fred, however, received a further blow when he was told that he had to eat five vegetable servings a day. He went out and bought some pickles.

5 thoughts on “Weighing In

  1. Well done.Suggestions for Fred (because he’s a guy)1. Carbonated water (the store brand cheap type)weaned me off of soda pop a long time ago. All the bubbles, no calories. Dropped about 5 lbs this way alone.2. Indian food: lots of rice, veggies and spices. Small portions fill you up. Naan bread light in calories too. The Duke of Wellington lived off the diet long after his stint in India. Fairly easy to make (if you don’t have kids) and all available cheaply at you local ethnic food mart.3. Brown rice, catfish or salmon from an ethnic food mart (much cheaper than the supermarkets). Hint of butter and worchestershire sauce equals yummy filling low-calorie meal.4. Move to Canada, try the cuisine, never eat again.al

  2. Thanks for the support and suggestions. Fred and I were just talking about moving to Canada the other day. The cold is enough to keep me away, but Albert, your comment sealed the deal. Jinjifore, we will have to mail you one of the chickens we’ve been getting, which also happens to be kosher.

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