Irony, Defined

My efforts yesterday to avoid the Bridge of Terror in my travels around and about Charleston, SC were an utter, complete failure. Looking at a map, I chose a route that circumvented the BOT and went over what appeared to be two relatively small river crossings.

How terribly, horribly wrong I was. I had to travel over not just one but two monstrosities on I-526. One of them, the Don Holt Bridge, was the site of an accident in which an SUV plunged over the side just three months ago. A tire blew, the vehicle flipped multiple times, and then went over the guardrail. This confirms my belief that your car CAN direct itself toward the edge of a large bridge and fling itself over the side. It’s also a sound testament to my decision to reduce my speed to about 45 mph, enter the middle lane, and turn on my hazard lights in hopes that a tanker truck wouldn’t rear-end my tiny Honda Civic and send it flying into oblivion.

Perhaps it’s just best to stay home with the cats.

If you’re at all interested, someone actually took a video of their drive over the Bridge of Terror. Maybe if I watch it multiple times I will be able to cross it one day without fear.

2 thoughts on “Irony, Defined

  1. I had not heard of or seen the Bridge of Terror before. I clicked on the link to the video. The car passed painfully slowly over the bridge, and I found my palms were starting to sweat. –Paul D.

  2. That video really doesn’t convey half the terror, which involves having to stare at that dreadful thing over and over again throughout the city and know you might have to cross it. It’s like going up the first hill of a roller coaster.

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