Prosciutto and Roasted Cantaloupe

Fred and I had our second conjugal visit last weekend. He had kindly bought prosciutto and cantaloupe for me for our lunch snack on Sunday, and he sliced the cantaloupe himself and took the prosciutto out of its wrapper. I was very proud of him.

As we were cleaning up and he was throwing out the cantaloupe seeds, he asked, “Could we roast those? Like pumpkin seeds?”

I laughed and laughed. “Cantaloupe is a melon!” I squealed. “Like watermelon! You don’t eat roasted watermelon seeds.”

I laughed some more. I even laughed as I started to post this.

And then I looked on the Internet and found that apparently you CAN buy roasted watermelon seeds and that cantaloupe is actually a squash. And this Indian dish, Gond ke Laddu Laddoo Ladoo, uses seeds from cantaloupe, watermelon, and pumpkin, but since it’s intended for nursing mothers to help their babies’ brains get bigger, I have my doubts about whether or not it’s something I’d want to eat.


I was also proud of Fred when he was approved by the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta for ordination on Saturday. He stood in front of the few brave souls who’d toughed it out to the end and thanked them for their friendship and support, and couldn’t go on because he got choked up. Of course everyone thought it was great. When it was all over he said to me, “I couldn’t believe I got so choked up”–this from the man who cried for about two solid hours during our wedding.

He is truly wonderful.

4 thoughts on “Prosciutto and Roasted Cantaloupe

  1. When I was growing up in the “old country”, a sprig, a sprout, blocked off the old chip, my mom fed me barrel loads of gonde loddu lokkoo (or however it’s spelled). She picked it up at the piggly wiggly [squirmy wormy; achy steaky; mooey cooey]. This accounts for my immense brain size today – I suppose. Thanks for bothering to look this up, about the cantaloupe seeds. Every once in a while I’m inadvertently right.

  2. It’s very generous of you to admit that you’re wrong (which I inadvertently spelled “worng” the first time through, which should say something). I didn’t think you could roast canteloupe seeds, either.I’ve been surviving mostly from microwave Marie Callendar dinners lately. And challah. And orange juice. OJ was $6 a gallon today at Kroger. Albert bought some frozen concentrate instead.

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