We Discover . . . Kroger

It’s embarassing to admit that I have lived in Durham for ten months now and had never visited the one store that could have put a quick stop to my grousing about food prices in the Triangle. No, Kroger cannot replace our beloved DeKalb Farmers Market in Atlanta. Nor does it offer a particularly strong meat and fish selection. But in terms of price and selection, the Kroger on Hillsborough Road is the best we’ve found so far for our needs. Among the items we found today at reasonable prices were:

Cento Hot Cherry Pepper Spread
La Croix fizzy water
Wild caught perch (ok, it was in plastic wrap, but it looked quite good and was only $5.99 a pound)
Muir Glen organic low-salt tomato sauce
DEET tick repellent (I have failed to describe our recent tick incidents on this blog, but suffice it to say that we have two decapitated tick bodies in our freezer, where they will remain until we are entirely certain that neither of us has Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, STARI, ehrlichiosis, or another tick-borne illness I did not encounter on the CDC web site)
Dust-free cat litter
Low-salt tomato juice
Organic yogurt
Coffee at under $10 a pound
Organic cottage cheese
Deli meats
Cheap Parmesan cheese (I am not above this)

And yet, in all fairness to my dear nemesis, Whole Foods: Their organic, free-range chicken is a better deal. But I can’t buy DEET tick repellent there.

4 thoughts on “We Discover . . . Kroger

  1. The Kroger on Hillsborough is where I usually shop. They often do have good deals and are a cut above Food Lion, if a cut below Harris Teeter, where I happened to shop yesterday and bought cherries at $7.99 a pound–but with my Harris Teeter card, they were only $4.99.

  2. Now I know why you always looked at me so funny when I said Durham food prices were ridiculous! (Specialty food IS still a bit on the pricey side, though.)

  3. Just a short drive on 15/501 will take you to the doorstep of Trader Joe’s in Chapel Hill. I highly recommend hitting this store first for some great deals on their own brand name products and direct distribution stuff, including coffee. Then stop at Kroger the basic things.

  4. Jane, thank you (belatedly) for the Trader Joe’s tip. I have been there once but really didn’t have time to check it out. Will do so when I get the chance!

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