So much for planning . . . .

The Return of the Fred has put a crimp in my “cooking school” plans, as we prepare to move the remainder from our worldly goods from the ATL to the RTP. However, in the midst of our turmoil I did come across one of the most, um, interesting recipes I’ve seen in a long time.

The recipe is called “Egg and Coffee Combo” and it comes from a family cookbook that a friend sent me recently. It was submitted by “Uncle Furman”:

Egg and Coffee Combo

1 cup
1 egg
Instant coffee
Hot stove

Put desired amount of instant coffee in a cup. Fill the pot 3/4 with water. Put pot on hot stove with an egg it it and let water boil for several minutes or more, depending on how you want your egg. Remove the pot. Take out egg. Pour hot water in pot into coffee cup. Stir. Run cold water over egg and strike tenderly and gently with prongs of fork, and disrobe it. You are ready.

I’ve grown to like Uncle Furman. Although he seems thrifty (not typically a quality I appreciate), he indulges in some linguistic extravagances that are quite appealing. I love the image of tenderly and gently disrobing an egg. And I suspect the reference to the “pot” in the list of ingredients is a deliberate double entendre. Maybe that’s the special ingredient that allows Uncle Furman to forget exactly where his egg had been before it went to the store and ended up in the water he used for his coffee.

4 thoughts on “So much for planning . . . .

  1. I love egg nog probably more than any person in the world, and I love coffee. But the idea of coffee egg nog just doesn’t do it for me. Please tell me how it turns out.

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