What Do We Call Ourselves?

Belatedly–353 days too late, to be exact–it has occurred to me that subtitle of this blog, “A Chronicle of the First Year of Married Life in Food,” will be obsolete, as our first anniversary is December 30. For that matter, the title, “The Newlyfeds,” really won’t be quite accurate either. So what will we become? “The Not-Quite-Newlyfeds”? “The Nearly Newlyfeds?”

I’m leaning toward something like “Always Newlyfeds”–but that is dorky.

Federation of Newts? Newt Gingrich Go To Hell?

Elrond Hubbard, we need your help!

2 thoughts on “What Do We Call Ourselves?

  1. I still like the newlyfeds – since we’ll always be newly fed. I’m willing to go with the “first decade of married life in food.” Or you could say “the first couple of years of married life in food.” I think the precedent is Jackie Gleason’s The Honeymooners – they’d certainly been married some time. Yet they continued to call themselves the Honeymooners. “Away we go.” “How sweet it is.”were Gleason’s catch phrases. I’m less fond of “to the moon Alice.” I prefer Sinatra’s “fly me to the moon.”your “over-thinking this” husband

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