Raleigh Farmer’s Market

Yesterday was my first excursion to the Raleigh Farmer’s Market, and what a great event it was. I can’t yet download pictures but will show them in all their glory in a later post.

Obviously re-invigorated by the sight of the field-grown tomatoes, the multi-colored peppers, the slightly crooked home-baked cakes, and the piles of okra, the tattered remnants of my East Tennessee accent suddenly mustered themselves and came charging out of my mouth.

“Kin ah git sum of those tahmaytahs?” I heard myself say.

“Sure, hunny.”

The best part was picking up tomatoes and knowing their ACTUAL VARIETIES: Mountain Spring, German Johnson, Brandywine. The Brandywine were by far the best I sampled but it’s easy to see why they haven’t become widely popular: not only are they tender and easily bruised, but they also look like mutated creatures from outer space. Unfortunately I ate the most interesting sample last night for supper, but it looked like a red spaceship that had sprouted multiple horns.

My wallet empty and my car full, I went home happy. I have no recipes to report–the best way to prepare vegetables this good is sprinkle them with salt, pepper, a little olive oil, and maybe some balsamic vinegar if you feel zippy.

I just wish I could transfer some of these vegetables to Fred, who is apparently subsisting on hot dogs, wings, and corned beef sandwiches.

One thought on “Raleigh Farmer’s Market

  1. I want one of these mutant tomatoes. Perhaps best served on mutant bread with some kind of mutant mayonnaise. Of course produce originally was quite unsightly: apples were bumpy and small, for instance. I love that east Tennessee accent. It’s like when my accent falls out in that BBC English we speak around Atlanta.

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