And the Pork, You Ask?

Perhaps avid readers will recall that in an earlier post I mentioned that we had pork chops on hand for future use. Perhaps you wonder, “What tasty concoction did she come up with for those?”

Well, dear readers, our pork chops were not all we had hoped. I fried them in the lard, and while the lard did produce a fine texture (Joey, I restrained myself from using the word “lovely” there just for you)–the spice rub left a great deal to be desired. (For the record, it consisted of cumin, coriander, cinnamon, salt, and pepper. Might have worked with some chipotle pepper thrown in.)

So, hoping to redeem the sad bits of pork hanging around in my fridge, I tried chopping up the leftover chops and putting them on a pizza. But in case you were wondering: pork, carmelized onions, olives, fresh oregano, and cheddar cheese do not go well together. The pizza wasn’t bad–just not . . . great.

Plus my utter incompetence at making a pretty pizza was, once again, made painfully obvious:

Can someone tell me how to get burned cheese off a pizza stone?

3 thoughts on “And the Pork, You Ask?

  1. Hello, this is your sister/sister-in-law, finally bothering to comment on your blog. Sadly, I have no advice on your pizza stone. Maybe it’s like a skillet, and will improve the more it blackens.You’d think that there wouldn’t be that much difference between baking pies and baking pizza, but apparently it’s a different skill set. Like knitting vs. crocheting, perhaps.Boo made herself scrambled eggs for lunch yesterday (under proper supervision, of course, which basically consisted of me reminding her to close the refridgerator door after she got the eggs and butter out). She cooks more than I do.Speaking of Boo, I have posted numerous pictures on Flickr in the last couple of days. My account is < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<>, and if you click on the “People, Places, Things” collection, you’ll find a set of pictures from your wedding.

  2. HIIIIIII!!Unfortunately the pizza stone does NOT improve when blackened. I vaguely remember this from the directions, which I think also contained information on how to removed burned cheese from the stone–and which of course I’ve thrown away.Yes, you would think since both foods are PIES, it would be the same. I think the key is that I’m trying to slide the pizza from a cookie sheet onto the stone instead of a pizza peel, as you are supposed to do.Boo is going to be the next Julia Child. I need to feature here on the blog. I LOVE the Flickr thing, especially some of the snow photos. If you take some pictures of her cooking, especially cracking an egg with one hand, I could feature it.

  3. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Ask and ye shall receive.<>These are older pictures, taken when she was two and making her own scrambled eggs. 🙂

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