And Speaking of Hens . . . .

When you have to move things out of your mother’s house when you’re 41, you really get the chance to go back in time. Dig up old memories. Like my fourth grade 4-H chicken project.

Here’s the story, in my own fourth-grade voice:
Story of My Poultry Project, Activity or Special Recognition Program: (In the story tell about things learned, satisfactions experienced, and difficulties encountered this year in this project. Tell what was done with assistance and without. Emphasize accomplishments achieved this year.)

“I received chickens this year, and I’m glad I did. They were so cute when I first saw them. But after a while they became a lot of work.

“Where they were to be kept was a problem at first. But my grandfather built them a coop out in the dairy barn.

“My grandfather was a big help in raising my chickens. When I sometimes forgot to feed them, he would do it for me. And he also put a new light bulb in when the old one broke.

“I lost about twenty of my chickens. One day the door was left open and many of them got away. And about five of them got stuck under the light bulb and suffocated.

“However, I think it was all worth it. I exhibited my chickens at the county poultry show. Compared to some of the chickens at the show, mine looked pathetic. I received a white award [this is the 4-H equivalent of saying, ‘hey, you showed up, so we have to give you something’] and my chickens sold for $25. [Note: The other chickens sold for about $25 each.]

“Raising poultry was a good experience for me. It taught me how to be more responsible. I had some tough times, but I’m sure glad I did it!”

Those poor Cornish hens didn’t have a chance.

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