Tasty Trout

Sunday at the Farmer’s Market we saw a local chef buying trout. So being clever we got some too.

I am discovering that I don’t like fish pan-seared in oil, after a recent trout incident I did not bother to report because the fish was not very good. Instead I turned to the Great Broiler (Fred). Though he doesn’t really cook, his innate love of meat and his Southern upbringing seem give him a sixth sense about how to broil and fry things.

We salted and peppered the filets and marinated them for about 15 minutes in two gigantic cloves of garlic (minced), the juice of two lemons, and about a teaspoon of dill. We broiled on high for 2 minutes on the skin side and 3 on the side with skin. They were fabulous. Thank God for that chef.

Next time, though, I may just leave the skin side up the whole time to make it even crispier and tastier.

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