We’re Back . . . .

. . . but Satan is down, its electronic innards seized up during one of its many evil fits–no doubt it passed out just from the sheer joy of making my online life as miserable as possible.

But it WILL submit, after I join forces with the Dell technician who sounds like Gandhi on speed to defeat it.

How have I managed to post this post, you ask? Well, it certainly wasn’t at work! And that’s all I have to say.

In the meantime, one of the four cats has blood in her urine–which one, we have no idea, as they don’t do us the courtesy of peeing in front of us. So while I’m on the phone with Dell, Fred will be trying to convince the cats to get into the carriers. He thinks he just needs to put some food in the back and they’ll walk right in “out of curiosity.” Sweet, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “We’re Back . . . .

  1. Your blog may have been down, but surely you’ve done some cooking in the meantime? I made okra and tomatoes last night. I used frozen whole okra. And the other night I made a pot of lima beans, using frozen small lima beans. I feel like I haven’t really broken in my kitchen yet. I need to fix a large meal with three or four different items to do that. But I can report that the oven heats up to perfect temperatures.

  2. Paul, would that my oven did the same. I made a pot roast with beets and cream the other night that was pretty good and plan to share that recipe soon. But really this week we’ve eaten out a lot–our schedule has been a little hectic.Okra and tomatoes are wonderful. Did you put pork in your lima beans? BTW we got some lard from a friend recently–her son-in-law’s family still butchers their own hogs. I plan to make biscuits! I’ll tell you how it goes.

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