We Interrupt this Blog . . . .

Today, some photos of my kitchen because we are eating out and I’m not cooking. But here’s where I do it:

The World’s Most Perfect Small Appliance is appropriately in the center of the countertop, along with a beloved bottle of the Las Rocas Garnacha. The red thing that looks like a piece of plumbing material is our salt pig–if you do not own one and use sea salt as much as we do, get it.

Please disregard the dirty dishes in the sink. Despite the presence of a dishwasher, the dishes always seem to prefer to take up residence there.

And here would be the $900 Consumer-Reports-recommended stove with an oven that’s a mere 50 degrees off. But it does have a warming tray and an eye that cooks on very low heat.

And here is the other side of the counter top, with another Beloved Kitchen Appliance–the KitchenAid mixer, which is too heavy and too large to go anywhere else. Oh, and is that ANOTHER bottle of Las Rocas Garnacha?

Finally, the fridge, as big as the whole damn kitchen but bought really cheap at Sears Scratch-n-Dent. As you can see dents really don’t matter:

Finally, here I am actually in the kitchen eating a big wad of ham and saying, “Bye ya’ll, gotta clean the house because people are coming over and there are DIRTY DISHES IN THE SINK!!!”

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