Irony, Roast Chicken, and the Inevitable Cat Photos

Well–after my rant on never using a recipe: I just put a chicken in the oven to roast. And I make roast chicken by following the recipe in Cooks Illustrated book, The Best Recipe, TO THE LETTER.

Although this is total non sequitur (or however you spell it) it is time to post photos of our cats. Just because it is.

Thelma and Louise are on the top (in so many ways), Catalina and Cleocatra on the bottom. Appropriately, you can’t really see Cleo here. Fred calls her the Shadow Cat. It’s no wonder, since Louise tends to smack her when she gets uppity. But the last photo shows what she looks like.

I think I’ve done enough damage for one day and in the process exposed my inability to do a simple photo cut and paste.

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