“Cake” may well be my favorite word. Go ahead and say it out loud. Can you feel the richness of the icing in the “c,” as your mouth opens to accept the sweet lusciouss goodness with the “a,” and you close in with the “k”?

I’m at a writer’s workshop this week and so have been thinking a lot about words. Here is what I wrote yesterday about cake:

“When I’m icing a cake, my first step is to try to correct the lopsidedness that inevitably sets in the second I place one layer on top of the other. This always fails. I then take up the icing with my favorite red spatula, shaped like a large, square shallow spoon, and pile two or three globs on the top. I spread the icing over the top and sides in a thin layer with my green-handled spreader. The crumbs that break off at this stage are the cake’s dirty little secrets, entombed by the final layer, which I spread over the top and sides with the rare satisfaction that comes from having every flaw disappear beneath a silky smooth covering of cream.”

Perhaps I will bake one when I get home.